Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Toronto, Ontario Testimonial

 Travel agents are very easy to come by especially in big cities. We have dealt with many of them in North America in our many years of local and international travel. However, when we found our Travel Agent, we knew that we had finally found a Travel Agent who is not only thoroughly professional and highly experienced in his field, but is also knowledgeable, personable and very communicative, and most importantly truly cares for his clients.
 Our Travel Agent has vast experience about the world, having lived and worked across the globe.  In international travel, an experienced and knowledgeable Agent is highly desirable, one who will be able to guide people through the minefields of travel; many unknown factors can ruin any vacation.  His ongoing insightful advice prior to, during and after vacations makes for enjoyable and stress-free vacations. His ability to read his clients on a personal level and thereafter offer pertinent information is indispensable to any client. He is most knowledgeable about health issues, political elements, financial problems and many other travel related circumstances that can ruin any vacation.
 In our recent travel to India, encompassing most of India, he ensured that we were constantly made aware of the options available. He thoroughly researched airfares, cruises, prices and various tours in various parts of the country, a major hurdle to this part of the world, which made for a most enjoyable four weeks. Every aspect of the trip, from air travel to houseboat cruises, to Taj Mahal and other tours occurred  with clockwork detail and accuracy throughout. In one instance, he worked with his South Indian contact to change our itinerary so that we could visit the Western Ghats Tea Plantations, and also visit a seminary to visit friends of ours. This he did without any additional cost to our group. This was done in a seamless fashion, and we thank him for working so hard to ensure we were completely satisfied.
 When our Travel Agent works with clients, he puts each one at ease with his vibrant personality. He does not hasten the process to decrease his workload. He explains all negatives and positives in the same vein, and ensures that the final decision is that of the client.
 Communication and proficiency are other strengths of his. He responds to telephone and emails immediately, which we were not used to. This was very refreshing, and we were kept informed almost daily of the preparation of the trip. Zennon also ensured that while on our trip, he communicated with us via emails, and through his contacts.  He even gave us his home and cell numbers, which we did not have to use because the trip was planned so well. In the rare occasion when he could not be reached, his colleagues always answered our queries efficiently. This aspect was vital for us, since we travel within North America often, and ongoing communication is vital.  In addition, he was always in contact with his international contacts. In one instance in the Middle East, he realized, via his frequent intrinsic communication, that we had not experienced Dubai at night. His contact then ensured on the spur of the moment that we would do this, which turned out to be a highlight of our Dubai tour, again with no additional cost. He ensures that all his clients experience the best of travel no matter where they are. His clients are so well-cared for because of his public relations skills. He always gets repeat clients, who come to him for years.
 His knowledge about the world is also invaluable to his clients.  His knowledge goes beyond the superficial level of expertise. He is aware of all nuances of travel, applicable to each country; he will communicate his  concerns, his thoughts and his succinct advice to make any travel experience most enjoyable.
 Our Travel Agent goes beyond his job description. He is highly personable and cares for each of his clients. He gets much satisfaction from performing an efficient process in a most amicable manner. In one instance, we were unable to meet with him to peruse the final details of one trip, even though he had emailed them and communicated all aspects of the trip numerous times before. Since we were traveling out-of-town, he was willing to drive thirty-five miles to our house to go over details at 8:00 p.m. on our arrival in town. On our urging, we met at his office for 3 hours, until 9:00 p.m. We were well-informed about every detail of our forthcoming trip at this meeting. He leaves no stone unturned, and ensures prime efficiency. Recently, this was a vital element to a most enjoyable four week trip all over India.
 Our Travel Agent loves his job, and he goes far beyond the normal; he is a role-model in his profession. He is an asset to his organization and to his clients. He is well-deserving of any accolades in the travel industry.
Mr. V. Paul and Dr. M. Paul | Toronto, ON