Custom Travel Solutions | Ottawa, Ontario Testimonial

My husband and I are long-standing clients of our Travel Agent, of Custom Travel Solutions,  located in Ottawa, Ontario. We never travel without his help and advice! I submit this testimonial in the form of a short poem, in the hope that it will attract the attention of many people who have yet to seek the services of a Travel Agent.

A Consummate Travel Agent 
Wherever we go, by land, sea or air,
Near or far, Norm gets us there.
We plan, he books, then changes we make!!
But at Norm’s stern voice all airlines quake!
"Window or Aisle?  Need a wheel chair, Sir?”
To Norm’s commands all agents defer.
When the wheels go up he tracks our flight.
And stays by his phone, be it day or night.
Weather delays?  Connections missed?
Bags gone astray? Or a broken wrist?
One quick call and Norm makes it all right,
As he comes to our aid, like a shining knight!
Once on a cruise ship our toilet broke...
The refund came quick, after Norman spoke!
There’s nothing about travel Norm does not know,
Except: Where in the world lives O-GO-PO-GO?