Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Testimonial

I have booked with my Travel Agent for many years, and she has saved my vacations from mishap many times!

My very first major holiday was to Italy to study music in Arrezzo for a week before enjoying a lovely Bus Tour with Trafalgar, and I was extremely nervous to fly by myself.  I had never travelled by myself before, and I asked her every question you can imagine! She planned out everything for me including maps of all the airports, booking a taxi, and taking the train to Arrezzo.  She walked me through getting a passport for the first time, traveller cheques, insurance, tipping, and safety issues.  We left nothing to chance in our discussions of my trip! 

When I finally landed in Florence, and made my way to the the train station, I discovered that the ticket agents were on strike!  I had no idea what to do!  My agent had told me how to make calls with a phone card in Italy, so I called her and she helped me figure it all out!  I would have been very panicked without her!

A few years ago I was flying to Denver from Saskatoon to join another Bus Tour and there was a bad storm that canceled the flights to Denver.  At 5:00 am I was told at that airport that I should just go home and try to reschedule a flight later.  I called my Agent at 5:00 am, woke her up of course, and she told me not to leave the airport, but to check with another airline to see if they would be able to me fly out as I needed to be in Denver in time to meet up with my Bus Tour. My agent had advised me to go a day early just in case....! I am glad she did because as everyone else was leaving the airport, I managed to get another flight that finally got me to Denver with time to spare before the Bus Tour started!

My Travel Agent has always gone above and beyond for me and any of my friends that have booked with her! No question goes unanswered, and I always know that she will do everything that she can to make sure my trips are successful!

Janice Paterson | Saskatoon, SK