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For Advertisers — Many Ways To Get Exposure

Website – Provides those working and interested in travel the information, tips, and resources they need to ensure safe and seamless travel while planning, enjoying, and returning from travels abroad.  Social Media, Videos, Directories, Polls and Surveys are some of the fun ways we continue to engage our visitors beyond the valuable informational content we provide. Our website reaches approximately 15,000 travel agents and more than 20,000 unique monthly visitors.

Directory – Listings of each of our members with extensive profiles and links to their websites. Consumers can find ACTA-affiliated travel agencies in their own communities, learn about their services and interact with them to create the vacations of their dreams or book business travel quickly and easily. Our directory lists our 2,000 travel agency members and travel suppliers. It is seen by a growing number of consumers seeking travel agencies in their neighbourhoods.

ACTAVision Newsletter - Published every two weeks to all corporate and individual members to keep them informed about ACTA and industry news and events. Advertising can be placed in this newsletter.

Sponsored editorials -  Priority coverage to news and events is available provided information is relevant and of value to our members.

Member Advisories - To alert members of fast-breaking news or vital information to help their businesses. Advertising may be placed in these advisories or advisories may alert members to current news and events of advertisers provided they are of value to our members.

ACTA email average an open rate of 27% for newsletters and advisories. Newsletter and advisories are delivered to approximately 15,000 Retail members.

Display Ads: 
Large, dominant, uncluttered, Run of Site ad space, Leaderboard - 728 X 90 pixels, Skyscraper - 160 X 600 pixels

Advertisers can place ads on:

· Website pages
· Directory pages
· Membership Platform pages (Signup, etc.)
· Email newsletters and Advisories

ACTA golf tournaments -  
Each year, ACTA hosts a series of golf tournaments across Canada. These events are consistently sold out and attended by members including many agency heads. This is a great way to show off your brand and take part in a day with the most seasoned travel industry leaders and decision makers.

Our events are well attended and advertisers have an opportunity to take an active and visible role. Often, partner and advertiser representatives become speakers at events in which they can impart valuable information to our members.

Corporations may wish to become ACTA partners. We have outstanding partners including those whose logos appear on the homepage of . A partner can be a corporation in the travel industry or supply travel-related services. Each partnerships is unique, therefore negotiated on a "per opportunity" basis. All Partnerships are evaluated on the benefits to our members, with the intention of being mutually benefcial to all parties involved in the partnership. Partners have access to all communication resources that ACTA makes available to its members; online and offline

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