ACTA Advocacy Campaign | January 26, 2021

The financial situation for Canadian travel agencies, travel agents and independent travel agents is critical. The travel industry is collapsing around us and is in need of urgent, emergency aid NOW or widespread bankruptcies will occur, along with long-term damage to the infrastructure.  

ACTA is launching a new advocacy campaign demanding vital aid for travel agencies, travel agents and independent travel contractors.  

Email templates, explaining your concerns and to help guide your telephone or video meetings, are tailored for travel agency owners, travel agency employees and independent travel agents, however still completely customizable. By completing the appropriate form below and submitting, the  email letter will be sent to your local Member of Parliament and shared with key cabinet members. All you need to do is add your nameaddress and email and the rest of the work is done for you. Don't forget to also add your own personal experiences in the body paragraphs to make the letter more personalized.

Click here if you are a:

  1. Travel Agency Owner
  2. Travel Agency Employee
  3. Independent Travel Agent 

ACTA members and non-members are asked to follow-up and immediately call their MP and request a telephone or virtual meeting. ACTA has provided some talking points and a PowerPoint to assist you with the conversation. 

Finally, we also encourage you to promote this campaign on social media. @ACTACanada and @ACTAQuebec

ACTA needs EVERY travel agency owner and EVERY travel agent in the country to get behind this campaign and contact their MP - NOW. Financial support programs and the federal budgets are currently in development and we need more grassroots support to ensure EVERY MP in Canada knows about the critical support programs we need for travel agencies, travel agents and independent travel agents to survive this crisis. Please send an email and make a follow up call telling your MP about the targeted supports that are needed to ensure survival, so that when Canadians can travel freely again,  there is a travel industry to serve them and deliver quality experiences that will fulfil their business and leisure travel desires. If you prefer to join in with one of the several groups organizing conference calls or video meetings please send an email to memberservices@acta and we’ll refer you to the group that is right for you!