Travel Insurance

With the costs of travel steadily increasing, the importance of working with travel agents and using travel insurance becomes more relevant. Consumers may be reluctant to pay extra for something that they likely don’t see as necessary, but it’s important to be reminded of the potential risks incurred when you don’t have the proper coverage, as shared in this sample. Had this couple been working with an agent, they would have known about the limits of their insurance and may have been able to have avoided the whole situation.

ACTA's preferred Insurance provider is Manulife. Manulife Financial Travel Insurance for Canadians travelling out-of-province protects you against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may occur during your trip – costs only marginally covered by your provincial health insurance plan.

Have a question or thinking of buying your travel insurance when you book your trip?
Your travel agent can explain your options and help you select the right coverage for your needs. Use our locator tool to find a travel agent that offers coverage.