Photo Requirements

For previous cardholders:
Since you have held an ACTA ID card before, you do not need to upload a photo unless you chose to do so.
Your photo is already kept on file from your previous card.

For new cardholders:
Please upload a digital photo (in .jpg format) when registering, or simply email your photo to
Please indicate your first and last name in the file name and include agency IATA/TIDS number in the email.

Please note all photos must meet the specific requirements as per the Photo Selection Guide below. Please provide a “passport size” photo. Please ensure that there are no people or objects in the background. Please ensure that the background is not too dark or too bright and that your hair colour does not blend into the colour of the background. Please do not bend the photos as this creates crease marks in the image. Please provide a current photo or one that has been taken within the past 7 years.

Photo requirements