Runway maintenance at Toronto Pearson

Just like roads and highways, runways and taxiways also require routine maintenance to ensure they remain safe. At Toronto Pearson, millions of passengers and countless businesses rely on the five runways at Toronto Pearson for business and leisure travel, as well as shipment of goods such as food, clothing and car parts.

To keep people and goods moving safely, routine runway and taxiway maintenance is required throughout the year and includes work such as line painting, light fixture and electrical work, grass cutting adjacent to the runways, rubber removal, and safety inspections conducted by Transport Canada.

When routine maintenance is underway, it may limit access to nearby taxiways or an adjacent runway, making them unavailable for use at that time. To accommodate this, runway configurations may temporarily change to enable the work.

To ensure the communities surrounding the airport are aware of special circumstances due to runway maintenance, we publish weekly noise and maintenance advisories on our website.  Alerts are also published on WebTrak.

To view our current advisory, please visit