Canada To Introduce Passenger Bill Of Rights

ACTA was involved the 2014-2016 Review of the Canadian Transportation Act whereby we included a section on the need for a Passenger Bill of Rights. We will continue to work with Transport Canada to provide feedback and ensure that legislated rules do not present a burden to the retail travel community.

Richard D’Ambrosio,
The Canadian government expects to introduce legislation this spring that will set standards on how airline passengers should be treated and compensated in the event of an overbooking situation or lost baggage.

The announcement follows a series of events surrounding United Airlines’ removing a passenger from a Chicago O-Hare-Louisville, KY, flight. In response, Canada’s Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, sent a letter to the heads of every airline flying to and from the country, warning them such treatment would not be accepted in Canada.

“When passengers purchase an airline ticket, they expect and deserve that the airline will fulfill its part of the transaction,” Garneau wrote. “When that agreement is not fulfilled, passengers are entitled to clear, transparent and enforceable compensation.” FULL STORY