Travel Industry Act Review – Phase 2, ACTA Ontario Member Survey

The Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is conducting a comprehensive review of the Ontario Travel Industry Act (TIA). The government is approaching this Review in three Phases. The review is now in phase 2 and ACTA is conducting a Member Survey – Phase 2 will categorize the issues as identified by the Ontario Government in their Phase 1 Report  into the following sections:

  1. Travel Industry Compensation Fund
  2. Registration
  3. Regulatory Burden on the Industry
  4. Consumer Protection Issues
  5. Compliance and Enforcement
  6. Other

As you respond to each question in the categories above, it is important to understand that the Ontario Government is looking to modernize the TIA and include the following goals:

  • Improve Consumer Protection
  • Reduce Regulatory Burden
  • Improve Regulatory Efficiency

These goals are summarized in the following statement on Page 6 of the Phase 1 Report: “an effective regulatory framework should balance protections for Ontario consumers with the goal of minimizing the burden that these requirements place on businesses of all sizes.”

The survey can be found here 

Please feel free to expand on any of the questions in the Comment section provided after each question. 

This survey is a significant initiative towards modernizing the TIA and should take approximately 12 minutes to complete. Feedback to the Ontario government will be based on feedback from each agency segment (i.e. storefront/bricks and mortar location, call centre, corporate, leisure etc.) as well as the ACTA membership as a whole.  We appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. Please note that all answers are confidential. 

The deadline to complete the survey is March 3, 2017.