Tourism cares

ACTA endorses the cause of Tourism Cares and wishes them great success. With the support of ACTA and its members we can help build awareness for this great cause and the people who pioneer it.

Since 2003 Tourism Cares has united the industry to give back, and over these 15 years, the ways our community gives have evolved and strengthened thanks to you.

In keeping with this evolution, Tourism Cares have updated their mission statement to reflect all that they do:

We advance the travel industry's social impact
to help people and places thrive.

The following 2016-2017 Community Report, includes data and brief stories showing the collective impact, including some projects you might not know about. 

On behalf of ACTA as well as the board and staff of Tourism Cares, thank you, together, we’re strengthening our community that does good business together—and for others.

Tourism Cares Board of Directors