ACTA celebrates Travel Agent's Day

ACTA hit the road recently to recognize Canada’s Second Annual Travel Agent Day, held the first Wednesday in May, May 1, 2013.

Travel Agent Day is designed to bring awareness and appreciation to Travel Agents by dedicating a special day to celebrate and recognize the profession. ACTA loves Travel Agents and the work they do throughout the year. So what were we doing to show some appreciation? 

Shelley Morris, Regional manager for MB, SK & NU(pictured below with the staff of Platinum Travel wearing the cool hat) and her team of golf committee volunteers were out visiting local members handing out brownies to recognize their efforts and promote ACTA's upcoming 70's themed golf party! Register Today

Manon Martel, Quebec Regional Manager hit the road with carnations visiting 10 area agency members , they were very pleased to see Manon and happy to recognize that ACTA is taking care of their members. Some were also excited to hear about Travel Agent Day for the first time! All and all, Manon spent time with 34 agents and or owners.

Lorie Cohen Hackett, Regional Manager for Atlantic provinces visited eight agencies in Saint John and they were all very happy to see her! Pictured below left, Terry Jardine, Regional Travel Manager CAA, Lorie Cohen Hackett, Regional Manager ACTA, Beth Hudson, Branch Manager CAA and Samantha Belyea, CAA, Saint John. Pictured right Lorie Cohen Hackett, Regional Manager ACTA and Michelle Saunders, owner Sun & Cruise Travel, Saint John.

Fiona Bowen, ON Regional Manager was also out in Kingston making visits. Pictured below left  Maritime Travel - Heather McDonald CTC, Donna Richardson, Anna Routhier, Fiona Bowen. Center photo, The Travel Broker – Debbie Lloyd CTC with Fiona. Right photo ffrom Sears Travel, Linda Tobin-Nelson, Fiona Bowen,  andBrian Hopkins.