Announcement – Restructuring

To:       ACTA Members

From:  Wendy Paradis, President

Subject:  Announcement – Restructuring

In my New Year message in our ACTA vision newsletter, I shared ACTA’s key priorities for 2017. I mentioned that the future presents both great opportunity and challenges for the travel agency community and that as your association we are committed to our leadership role in advocacy, education, promoting your value, and connecting you to valuable business resources.

Since my arrival as President last May and with the support of the ACTA Board of Directors, I took the time to review the current organizational structure and evaluate whether it puts ACTA in the best position to tackle the opportunities and challenges that face today’s Travel Agencies. As a result of that review, today we are announcing a new organizational structure of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies.

The objective of restructuring the trade association is to:

  • Better serve our members across the country
  • Be better positioned to make significant progress on our strategic priorities
  • Simplify and clarify roles and responsibilities

The Key Changes
A transition to four key functional groups led by a member of ACTA’s Senior Management Team will strengthen the association’s position and commitment to the strategic priorities.  These functional groups are described as:

  • Vice President, Advocacy and Member Relations – Heather Craig-Peddie
  • Director, Education and Certification - Christine Chilton
  • Director, Marketing, Communication, Partnerships – Marco Pozzobon
  • Director, Membership – New position

Under the new structure ACTA will  allocate more resources to the association’s advocacy efforts by appointing a Vice President of Advocacy and Member Relations. This change will place a stronger emphasis on ACTA’s role as the leading advocate for Canadian Travel Agencies.  By dedicating more resources to this priority ACTA will be well positioned to respond more effectively to  National and Provincial issues that affect our members.

By recruiting a Director of Membership ACTA will welcome a new member to their Senior Management Team. The Director of Membership will play an integral role in the management of ACTA's larger National and group accounts enabling ACTA’s Membership Managers to focus on supporting the  members in their territory through advocacy, education, promoting your value, and connecting you to valuable business resources.  The new territories are Western Canada, Quebec and Eastern Canada, staffed by full-time dedicated employees. Membership Managers will also lead  the regional councils within their respective territories. These organizational changes will have no impact on the Provincial Regional Councils or the makeup of our Board of Directors.  

For more information as we transition into our new organizational structure, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Wendy Paradis | President |