ACTA update on advocacy efforts

A quick update on some issues under our Advocate pillar.


  • ACTA submission on the review of the Canadian Transportation Agency – as at February 12th, the report that was due at the end of December 2015 has not been tabled in the House of Commons. We will stay on top of this. Update to this issue
  • ACTA’s case with the Competition Bureau re: LH’s DCC disclosure at IATA’s AGM in Miami has been closed. Upon their preliminary examination, there was no reason to believe that an offence has been committed pursuant to a noted Section of the Act.
  • ACTA sent in a comment (Sept 11 2015) to the broad review of the Financial Institutions Act and the related Credit Union Incorporation Act in BC. We asked that the Review Committee consider agencies being exempt from insurance licensing with Council and that any issues or complaints that arise be handled by the primary regulator. By employing this exemption it would result in an additional cost savings for agencies as they would no longer have to pay a license fee to Council. We are hopeful of this request as the Insurance Council of BC is also supportive of this exemption. Inquiry has been made but to date we are not aware of any changes/decisions made.
  • The Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future is looking for feedback on their Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) review due February 26, 2016. ACTA will be working with Peter Keyter from the AB Regional Council to formulate our response and submit by the deadline. According to the AB Council, there are satisfied with the present privacy guidelines so the request will be to maintain the status quo. Update on this issue
  • Submission made to the Ontario government on proposed regulatory changes to the Ontario Travel Industry Act – sent in December 18, 2015. Inquiry made and we were advised that no changes/decisions have been made.


  • ACTA worked with IATA to host an informative webinar on NDC. It was clear based on the many questions asked that confusion remains on this IATA initiative. The webinar will be available on demand in the coming weeks through the ACTA Campus
  • ACTA appoints members and is an observer on the APJC (local country meetings between airlines and agencies). New Financial Criteria is on the agenda for this year. IATA recently provided all appointed agencies with information on the current financial criteria as mentioned in the release (French found here)

ACTA will update you on these issues and other activities under our other pillars (Educate and Elevate, Promote and Connect) in upcoming newsletters. Thank you members for supporting your trade association with renewed membership, and allowing us to “keep up the good fight”.