ACTA welcomes Allied member - Trade office of Peru

The Trade Office of Peru in Canada, OCEX Toronto, is an antenna to opportunities promoting Peruvian exports to Canada, disseminating Peruvian tourism and culinary arts, and encouraging joint ventures between companies from both countries. These linkages are extremely important because, in addition to "buy-sell” business operations that may not involve a long-term commitment, they also allow Canadian and Peruvian companies to get to know each other and establish a long-term commitment. This leads to a sustainable business relationship based on future development and not only on temporary opportunity. All of these business opportunities form part of the agenda of the OCEX Toronto, which works very closely with trade associations and Peruvian producers to identify niche markets in order to locate prospects, allowing access to a medium-size Peruvian company and its products, thanks to its great versatility and rapid response.


Address: 10 St Mary St - Suite 202. Toronto, ON M4Y 1P9 

Telephone: (416) 963-5561 
Director of the Trade Office of Peru - OCEX Toronto: Jose Luis Peroni