ACTA in partnership with IATA, jointly hosts the first meeting of the Canada Travel Fraud Prevention (CTFP) Group

Earlier this month, ACTA in partnership with IATA, jointly hosted the first meeting Canada Travel Fraud Prevention (CTFP) Group held at the IATA offices in Montreal. The purpose of the CTFP is to gather leaders in the various travel industry sectors to unite against fraud affecting the Canadian travel market. Fraud impacts all participants in the travel industry value chain, including passengers, travel agents and airlines and fraudsters are becoming more creative every day.  

The main objectives of the CTFP Group are:

  • Build a Canadian community against fraud
  • Explore fraudulent data sharing initiatives through industry solutions available in the Market
  • Share global and regional best practices,
  • Raise awareness of fraud prevention tools available in the market,
  • Build relationships with the law enforcement authorities, and
  • Global Days of Action: raise awareness, coordinate, and provide feedback after events 

Through the CTFP Group, we hope to build cases based on shared fraud data and present them to law enforcement for further investigation and legal action.  

The full-day meeting included presentations from IATA, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, ARC, TICO and an update on IATA’s Debit Memo Working Group.

Members of the CTFP Group have been tasked with next steps including measuring the fraud impact and loss in their respective companies and identifying real fraud vs fraudulent claims or “friendly fraud” (cases where a client travelled but denied the purchase). Based on measurements, we will establish benefits and extents of a Fraud management process. 

We encourage all members to share any fraudulent cases with ACTA and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Information extended to third party will be kept confidential. ACTA will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this Working Group but in the meantime, feel free to reference ACTA fraud section on the ACTA website