Fraud Warning

There are text book fraud attempts being made over the holiday season. Be aware!

Red Flags

1. New Customer
2. Destination – High Fraud gateway
3. Last minute travel
4. Price was no option
5. Could not provide proof of home address to validate to the credit card

It is good practice to have any new client travelling 14 days prior to departure to come into your branch and have the credit card information confirmed directly by phone. 

Below is an example of a recent attempt:

Had gentleman come into the office wanting to purchase Malta to Lagos departing tomorrow for a relative. His name is Peter Denomme. Was really suspicious of this but gave prices which were over $4000.00. He wanted to purchase this and this made me feel even more suspicious so I asked him for id which he presented a Canadian citizenship card, his name matched the credit card. I asked for id that had his home address and his name. He could not provide this to me but said he would go home and come back with an utility bill showing his name and address. I told him that I am holding the flight and that I need some type of id showing his home address and his name.

In the mean time I went to the back room took a photocopy of the credit card. After he left I called the credit card company which was ScotiaBank, they advised me that the cc number I was giving them is a TD Visa Bank card so they gave me TDs number. I called TD and they informed me that the name and address that the client gave me did not match their records.