Educate and Elevate – industry standards and professionalism through certification, accreditation and other learning opportunities

ACTA’s efforts and activities are ongoing. A quick update on some issues under our pillar, "Educate and Elevate", industry standards and professionalism through certification and other learning opportunities.

  • ACTA's held its 2016 NATIONAL EDUCATOR CONFERENCE on June 2 and 3.  The conference will began each day at 9:00 am and hosted professors and program directors who teach and set carriculum for Travel and Tourism programs within colleges and universities accross Canada. Full details of the event can be found here

  • ACTA's 2016 NATIONAL STUDENT CONFERENCE is confirmed for November 9. The conference will be a full day and begin 8:00 am and will host students and their professors enrolled in Travel and Torusim programs within colleges and universities accross Canada. We are working on the agenda and if you have any any questions email ACTA's Director of Education at

  • The ACTA Campus is now offering the Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) and Certified Travel manager (CTM) exam preparation courses. By completing the modules Travel Agents will be prepared to pass the exam and complete the first step to receiving your professional designation of Certified Travel Counsellor. Those who successfully complete the exam, work 1800 hours of relevant experience and submit a performance appraisal from their manager will achieve the professional designation of CTC. MORE INFO

  • The ACTA Campus is now offering Travel Agents the opportunity to "Explore, Learn and Earn" about the Air Canada family, destinations, products and services through the ACTA Campus. Travel Agents can now complete the Air Canada Global Sales University curriculum and be on their way to becoming a certified Air Canada Expert (ACE). MORE INFO 

  • ACTA is working on moving the SK and BC insurance exams onto our ACTA Campus with the expectation to automate processes and make the user experience easy and efficient.