Consumer Protection Funds

While travelling it is best to attempt to resolve your problem as soon as possible. You can contact your travel agent if you need assistance. For instance, your agent may pursue a complaint on your behalf with your tour company, hotel or other supplier.

If your issue is with your travel agent, you should discuss the matter with either the travel agent or the manager/owner of the agency before taking any other action.

If you do not receive satisfaction from the involved agency, supplier or other company, you can take your complaint to ACTA, under the conditions found in our Consumer Complaints section, or to other organizations depending on where you live or where your travel originated.

The Provinces of Ontario, Québec and British Columbia have regulations which members of the travel industry must follow. In these provinces, you can contact the provincial consumer protection office in your region to discuss and lodge your complaint:

Ontario - Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO)

Tel: 905-624-6241

Québec - Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC)

Tel: 514-253-6556

British Columbia - Consumer Protection BC

Tel: 604-320-1667 or 1-888-564-9963

In all provinces, you may contact your local Better Business Bureau to register a complaint. For Better Business Bureau locations across Canada, please visit their website at