Benefits of Managed Travel through Travel Management Companies (TMCs)

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For the Corporation

Partnering with a TMC, an organization’s travel manager and/or senior management can be guaranteed of Corporation financial controls, policy adherence, focus on traveller safety and consistency of efficient business travel processes.

  • Travel Program Outsourcing: TMCs are experienced in the management and negotiation of travel services, empowering them to provide measurable process improvement and/or savings for organizations’  second or third largest controllable expenditures.

  • Cost Reduction: TMCs have the ability to capture, monitor and analyze travel costs and the wider capability to identify and realize cost-reduction opportunities in each department, for the Corporation as a whole.

  • Leveraging Preferred Suppliers: TMCs are experts in maximizing vendor relationships, maximizing volume and minimizing costs through preferred suppliers and negotiated agreements.

  • Travel Policy Improvement: TMCs are experienced in developing corporate policies for all sizes of Corporations to compel and reward employees to make their travel arrangements through the Corporation’s travel function, using negotiated pricing with preferred vendors. These organizations enable the Corporation to use best practices in travel to maximize efficiency, productivity and comfort for travelling employees.

  • Partners in Risk Management: TMCs are experienced and up to date on safe and productive travel. Their specialists know how to reduce risk for the company and employees through traveller tracking and assistance in emergencies. TMCs have seen their traveling clients through crisis situations such as September 11, 2001, and the eruption of a volcano in Iceland that threw aviation into chaos in 2010. TMCs bring effective communications, tracking systems and customer relations skills to bear in times of need. Travel management becomes a critical part of the corporate crisis management plan.

  • Enhanced Travel Program Tools: Managed travel keeps Corporations current with the most up-to-date technologies, security measures, travel-related productivity tools and practices, green travel initiatives and business trends.

  • Productivity Improvement: Managed travel ensures productivity where unmanaged travel ensures reduced productivity as employees are left to arrange their own travel plans outside their skill sets and keep to their own agendas without professional guidance.  The best way to assure employees will turn to managed travel for all their corporate needs is to deliver the best of managed travel to these employees on a consistent basis.

  • Managed travel contributes to the company’s bottom line and risk avoidance through planning, monitoring, collection and distribution of accurate data, and knowledge of safety and productivity resulting from the expertise, experience and insights of managed travel professionals.

For the Traveller

Partnering with a TMC, an organization’s Travellers have:

  • Access to Expertise: The ability for a Traveller to access the knowledge and skills of a trained travel consultant to source options and coordinate the spectra of requirements, from simple to complex travel itineraries.

  • 24-hour Support: In the case of last minute changes to travel plans or emergencies the Traveller is able to access one stop service for advice and changes to all aspects of their travel itinerary.

  • Increased Convenience: The Traveller is able to utilize technology tools, including on-line booking tools, to enhance the travel reservation process and other travel tools to improve the overall travel experience.
    Maximizing Loyalty Programs: Through the creation of a detailed and secure personal profile, Travellers are able to have the confidence that they will automatically have the appropriate loyalty program information applied to each reservation.