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André has worked in the Travel Business for more than thirty years. He founded over fifteen years ago, and his agency is part of Voyage en Direct’s group.

André believes in ACTA’s strategic plan to represent the travel industry and agencies in front of the government and the wholesalers.

André has been on the ACTA Board for two years and as the regional Chair, has the support from the council members and chosen to be the national representative. André will continue ACTA’s mission and work for the best interest of the travel industry. With the members of the regional council, they will provide teaching, enhance the industry’s norm and promote the travel agent important role for the customers. André believes we must help our member to be more prepared for all the change, which occurred in our industry.

André has been part of organizations helping entrepreneurs. He is the president of a Business club in Montréal for the past two years. André was president of Montreal Investment Fund for PME Montreal Sud-Ouest and administrator on the board of Verdun CLD and treasurer. He has been president of C.A of the F.C.A.Q (Fédération des Clubs d’affaires du Québec) during two years and president five years of the SDC (Société de développement Commercial) Wellington.

André is prepared to give time for his travel agent colleagues and friends.