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Your Help is Needed! Express the necessity for credit card fraud solutions!

You have spoken loud and clear, agents would like to have better protection from fraud, especially for sales when the cardholder is not present. Credit card fraud related to the purchase of airline tickets costs Canadian travel agents millions of dollars a year. ACTA and ATOQ, in cooperation with CATO, have been advocating for solutions and we are glad to announce that IATA has released a testing schedule which will allow a solution to be available in the later part of 2019.

You may have seen a communication from IATA about the ability to include 3DS data within the PNR which will get handed off to the ultimate merchant; the airline. This is a very important and positive step in the fight to reduce the fraud agents experience from selling airline tickets.


We need to let our GDS suppliers know that travel agents want to stop the losses and that we are very interested in having an option providing strong fraud protection. So simply put, we need you to let your GDS supplier know that you want credit card fraud protection tools implemented and the sooner the better!

Here is a message that you can cut and paste and send off to your GDS:

The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) and the Association of Tour Operators of Quebec (ATOQ), in cooperation with the Canadian Association of Tour Operators (CATO), have advised me that there is will be a solution to combat credit card fraud resulting from the sale of airline tickets.

Specifically, IATA’s DISH 23, released in April 2018, will allow for the inclusion of 3D Secure Authentication data within the BSP transaction file. This will allow travel agents to obtain authentication data about their customer that can be passed on via their GDS and BSP to the airline, who is the end merchant.

Since obtaining successful authentication data will permit a fraud liability transfer back to the card issuer, we are very interested in having the 3DS 2.0 option to provide fraud protection in our environment.

Your message will reinforce with our GDS suppliers that we need to have these credit card fraud solutions implemented. This is a simple step, but a valuable contribution to expediting the process.

When you send your message please cc: Heather Craig-Peddie, Vice President, Advocacy and Member Relations at ACTA at, and Eric Johnston, General Manager, ATOQ at

We will compile your replies to send to Jaime Pandavenes, DISH 23 Project Manager, and Christophe Kato, Head of Industry Card Services, IATA so IATA is aware of the impetus from the travel industry to get this solution implemented as soon as possible.

With kind regards,

Heather Craig-Peddie
Vice President, Advocacy and Member Relations, ACTA

Eric Johnston
General Manager, ATOQ

For a more detailed description of the travel transaction workflows using 3DS 2.0, please click here.